?Kim? is breaking the internet again

Don’t worry, reality star Kim Kardashian hasn’t got her bum out again in a bid to ‘break the internet’ like she attempted back in 2014. This ‘Kim’ comes in the form of one of the most dangerous internet neighbourhoods.

The number of new TLDs (Top Level Domains) has skyrocketed in recent years from 6 to 1000 domains, which not only opens a gateway to innovative ideas but it also offers new platforms for criminals to launch cyber attacks and spam campaigns.

According to Blue Coat, .kim has been highlighted as the fourth most dangerous web neighbourhood with it having been used to serve up pages, which mimic popular video and image sites, prompting unprotected visitors to unwittingly download malware.

Such shady TLDs are providing fertile ground for malicious activity, which leaves users computers exposed to unwanted and dangerous files being downloaded into their systems.

So next time you’re looking for you fix of Kim Kardashian photos, make sure you look at the url first.

Image source: Shutterstock

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