‘We are fast becoming the go-to PC brand for premium offerings’ – In Win on the future of its £1,500 H Tower case

PCR speaks to case vendor In Win on the ‘truly overwhelming’ response it received for its £1,500 transformative H Tower concept.

The case was first shown off at Computex earlier this year, in conjunction with Asus, with the trade naming it one of the highlights of the show.

It was also shown off at the i55 gaming festival at the UK’s Ricoh Arena this past weekend. It’s wowed consumers and channel execs for its unique selling point – at the touch of a button the case automatically folds outwards as the PC raises up to reveal its interior components.

So what kind of a reaction has the case seen since, and what’s next for the device?

"The reception was truly overwhelming!," In Win’s UK channel sales executive Justin Fletcher told PCR.

"There was a crowd around the H Tower pretty much all week at Computex and once we started the unit moving, the crowd grew to almost unmanageable proportions.

"We were even featured on the Taiwan equivalent of the 6pm news one night which was pretty special. More importantly, the channel also loved it and immediately saw the attraction and exclusivity of it – lots of build opportunities were being planned in the small hours that week, I can tell you!"

Fletcher reminded PCR it is still just a concept at this stage, but could cost around £1,500 when it finally hits the market. He added that In Win is also working with a variety of vendors on different options.

The company also showed off other cases at i55 this weekend, including the upcoming 805 (£129) and 909 (£299) models due in October.

"PC gaming is a growing and important market for In Win and we are fast becoming the go-to brand for premium offerings," Fletcher commented.

"Since our launch of the ‘Concept’ lines in 2012, we have found that more of the market is now looking to us to offer the best design, best quality and best user experience available.

"PC gaming is driving the market massively and everyone wants the best case they can buy, so by using truly premium materials like aluminium and tempered glass (which is now our signature), we are finding more and more demand for our cases, which is fantastic."

In Win also reiterated its focus on PC gaming, eSports and Twitch streaming. It sponsors a number of teams including Evil Geniuses in the US, SK Gaming in Europe and Team Infused in the UK.

"We plan to continue sponsoring too, as it does give us valuable exposure and also helps to give back to the community as a whole, which for In Win, is hugely important," Fletcher added. "You’re nothing without the fans – thank you all."

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