Big vendors fight over smartwatch space as Sony turns to crowdfunding

While the wearables market hasn’t really set the world alight in terms of sales just yet, Samsung and Sony are continuing to focus on the space with new products.

Samsung has revealed its latest offering to the market with the Gear S2 (pictured in thumbnail), the firm’s predecessor to its Gear S smartwatch that launched last year.

The watch features a 1GHz dual core processor, runs on Tizen and boasts a 360×360 resolution.

The timepiece comes in two different styles, which can also send emails and charge wirelessly with the included watch dock.

No pricing has been revealed for the Gear S2, but the device will be showcased during the IFA tradeshow this week.

Additionally, Sony has set up an in-house team to develop crowdfunded projects, known as First Flight, which includes the new Wena Wrist smartwatch (pictured above).

In contrast to Samsung’s offering, the Wena Wrist’s face simply delivers both the time and date, while the wristband does all of the work.

For example, the strap holds a range of features, including an activity tracker, digital wallet and the ability to send notifications.

The device will either vibrate or stream an LED lighting alert, which comes in seven different colours, to inform users when they receive a notification, while an iOS app will monitor steps and calculate the amount of calories burnt.

Prices for the Wena Wrist range from $330 (£215) to a pricier $575 (£375), with the first batches expected to launch in March 2016.

It is interesting to see that these vendors are still dabbling in the smartwatch space, and could indicate that there is still life in the wearable market yet.

Although Samsung has not unveiled the pricing for its watch, Sony’s edition isn’t especially cheap, which could deter some consumers from jumping into the wearables space.

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