UK professionals are calling for better access to technology

Only 61.8 per cent of UK workers feel their employer provides adequate access to necessary technology, according to a new survey from CV-Library.

The research shows that 86.2 per cent of UK professionals believe being tech-savvy makes them more employable, with Telecoms (100 per cent), Public Sector (96.5 per cent), Consulting (96 per cent), Media (95.5 per cent) and Accounting (95 per cent) feeling most strongly about this.

In addition to this, 68.3 per cent of professionals reveal that they would feel more valued by their employers if they received better access to technology in the office, showing a strong correlation between technology in the workplace and job satisfaction.

“It’s clear that UK workers recognise a strong correlation between technology in the workplace and being successful in their careers. And by offering improved access to technology, businesses could improve their chances at attracting strong, tech-savvy candidates to their vacancies,” said Lee Biggins, founder and managing director of CV-Library.

Despite this, the research reveals that workers are becoming concerned about how better connectivity will impact their personal lives, with 44 per cent believing that increased access will negatively impact their work-life balance.

“As smaller businesses leverage technological advancements to streamline processes, it’s important that they understand how introducing new technology will impact their workforce,” added Biggins.

“Our survey shows that professionals are increasingly concerned about maintaining a work-life balance and responsibility falls on employers to create a positive working environment whenever possible.”

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