Two more affordable models are launching this September

AMD FreeSync monitor prices fall; AOC to launch £229 model (£120 cheaper than Nvidia G-Sync)

AMD has delivered on its word – a new line of FreeSync monitors out this September will be substantially cheaper than rival Nvidia G-Sync monitors.

Last August AMD’s gaming scientist Richard Huddy told PCR that AMD’s FreeSync monitors would be around $80 to $100 cheaper than Nvidia’s G-Sync monitors, both of which use similar anti-screen-tear technology.

While the first FreeSync displays launched earlier this year, almost a year after Nvidia’s, there wasn’t too much of a difference in price in the UK, with the cheapest G-Sync monitor costing around £349.99 RRP (AOC’s G2460PG) and the cheapest FreeSync display priced at about £299.99 RRP (LG’s 29UM67).

However, AOC has just announced its first couple of FreeSync monitors that are even more affordable. The 24-inch G2460PF (pictured) and 27-inch G2770PF will be available from this September priced at £229 and £279 respectively.

"Gaming should be as smooth as possible; this cannot be achieved without a seamless synchronisation of GPU and monitor refresh rates," said AOC in a statement.

"AMD FreeSync finally makes this possible at an affordable price and without sacrificing performance. This technology delivers a gaming experience with zero tearing and stuttering, while maintaining frame rates and input speed at maximum level.

"This all new AMD technology requires no additional hardware and comes with open standards and without licensing fees raising final product prices."

Huddy previously mentioned this to PCR last year, saying that FreeSync monitors are cheaper than G-Sync as there is no licence fee associated with them, making the technology free for AMD partners to use. 

AMD FreeSync uses DisplayPort Adaptive-Sync to enable dynamic refresh rates, meaning the GPU is updating the monitor simultaneously when sending a new image to the monitor, leading to a synchronisation between both devices. 

Both of AMD’s new FreeSync monitors have a refresh rate of 144Hz and a response time of 1ms, along with a dynamic contrast ratio of 80M:1. An integrated Kensington Security Lock also keeps each monitor safe.

You can see the full specs of each monitor here and here.

Last year Nvidia told PCR that "it can’t comment on the pricing of products that don’t exist", in regards to AMD saying its FreeSync monitors are cheaper than Nvidia G-Sync. Well now they do exist, PCR has contacted Nvidia again for a response to the news.

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