Other brands have expressed interest in the emerging sector including Terra

Lenovo readies its own PC on a stick for the back-to-school period

Lenovo is entering the growing PC on a stick market, PCR can reveal.

The firm will be competing with the likes of Intel’s Compute Stick, Hannspree’s Micro-PC, Dell’s Wyse Cloud Connect, Google/Asus’ Chromebit and Stone’s PC on a stick.

Lenovo will launch the device in time for the 2015 back to school period which will get underway over the next few months.

A PC on a stick allows the user to connect the small device to a HDMI TV and turn it into a working PC.

When asked about how the desktop sector is changing, Alex Ebeid, Lenovo’s UK consumer director, told PCR: "In the desktop market obviously there’s a growth towards all-in-one, which is taking some of the tower market into all-in-ones.

"And there are different form factors, so in the entry level there’s the PC on a stick market and the small form factor market, and you’ll see Lenovo provide solutions in both of those markets, and you’ll see us go after both of those markets in the near future.

"We’ve got a PC on a stick launching for back-to-school."

Lenovo recently announced a rebrand plus several new products including a Chromecast-rivalling streaming device.

German computer vendor Wortmann AG is also taking its Terra brand into the PC on a stick market too.

Neil Jensen, joint MD of Terra UK, added: "It’s still in the engineering stage and will probably come out later this year, but we want to put emphasis on our quality and image rather than rush something."

Read the full interviews with Lenovo and Terra in the next issue of PCR

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