Microsoft’s Cortana advert is met with criticism

Samsung mocks iPhone 6 with new S6 Edge adverts

The competitive streak between Apple and Samsung has always been very public between the two companies, and today the war wages on.

Samsung has revealed two new Galaxy S6 Edge adverts mocking Apple’s iPhone 6 smartphone, pointing out a few of the iPhone’s flaws.

The company highlights the Edge’s wireless charging capabilities and dual curved screen, against the iPhone.

In one advert, the company said: “Check out the edge of the Galaxy S6 Edge. It displays colors when your top five contacts call. The edge of the iPhone 6 displays nothing. But it has a vibrate function."

The second video continues to poke fun at Apple, which demonstrates the Edge’s wireless charging capabilities.

The video said: “This is the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. It comes with built-in wireless charging capabilities. The iPhone 6, yeah no, not so much.”

The advert goes on to make sniping remarks about the iPhone’s camera display, whilst stating “not all smartphones are created equal”.

Samsung has also released another advert for the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, complete with odd tech music and unusual scenes, to a mixed response from YouTube users.

At one point a young boy is seemingly flying on a train by holing on to a bar – not your usual smartphone campaign.

Microsoft has also unveiled its new advert promoting its personal assistant Cortana, which has been met with some criticism.

The band Clean Bandit have a chat with Cortana before the Brit Awards, and ask Cortana to remind them not to do certain things during the event.

But the band continue to ask Cortana what it will be wearing to the event and Cortana replies “A phone. Like it?” to much laughter from the band.

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