“I love to get down and dirty with my upcoming products, finding out their features and benefits"

A Day in the life of: Phillippe Rogers, account manager, Caseking

Phillippe Rogers, account manager at tech distributor Caseking, talks about what happens during a typical working day for him.

A typical day starts at 7am. After checking my emails, and having a quick bowl of cereal, I set off for the office, picking up a couple of colleagues on the way.

Once at my desk, I reply to emails and update my ‘things to do’ list. Each day I meet with the product managers to get an update on what’s new, what’s hot and current stock levels. Working in such a fast paced and dynamic industry means keeping up with new hardware and products is key.

I check sales reports and brush up on specs for new products. I like to focus on product groups that will fit in well with my customers’ current range, then it’s on the phone to make lots of calls.

Being into my tech, I love to get down and dirty with my upcoming products, finding out their features and benefits. Not only that, I enjoy building systems myself which makes recommending products to my clients very easy. I’m currently building a Core i7 4790k watercooled system with a GTX 980, Avexir Core Red, all wrapped in a stunning Lian-li PC-O5SX case. 

Working for Caseking is definitely the highlight of my career. The people here are very helpful and working here is never dull. Knowing market trends and predicting which products customers will be able to sell and make a profit on helps me gain their trust and leaves them wantingmore. 

Organising meetings with clients is important too, as face-to-face interaction helps create bonds and is a way to show off our products in a physical form.

After work, it’s off to the gym. The hour that I spend there allows the traffic to clear and gives me time to reflect on my day, evaluating where I need to improve and plan
for tomorrow.

I get home at about 7pm and make a start on dinner. I love to cook and enjoy trying out new recipes or putting twists on existing ones. Once dinner is over, I relax by playing a few computer games or get out my Surface Pro and read reviews on new hardware or watch reviews on tech shows.

I’ll also spend some time on the Overclockers forum in the build log sections and the general hardware pages to see what people are doing with their shiny new kit. Well, that’s me in a nutshell.

I’ll leave you with one of my favourite quotes: “Strive to be of value and success will follow.”

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