Firm offers refunds to customers who bought at full price

New HP Touchpad batch on the way; none for sale in UK

US customers eagerly looking forward to the next batch of Hewlett Packard’s Touchpad being manufactured have a long wait in store – of approximately six-to-eight weeks says the firm.

After HP announced it was giving up on WebOS hardware, and following a fire sale that wiped out remaining inventory, the company revealed at the end of August that it was going to make one last run of Touchpads before closing down manufacture completely. 

Alas, it was for the US only, with no more units set to come to the UK through normal channels. There now seem to be none left in UK at bargain prices (though crafty Amazon marketplace sellers are hoping some people will bite at a higher price point).

As the comments below point out, the DSGi group did briefly sell Touchpads as part of a bundle with accessories (presumably to help sell the peripherals that weren’t flying off the shelves at quite the same rate as the Touchpad itself) – but these have now gone too.

HP has started sending out email notifications to people who had unfulfilled orders in the US, saying that their Touchpads are finally in the pipeline – but six-to-eight weeks away.

For those few customers in the UK who bought the HP Touchpad at full price, you can find out more about getting a refund here:

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