Gadget Show Live 2011: Touchpad tablet and Palm Pre shown off

HP shows off Web-OS devices

The TouchPad tablet device and Palm Pre 3 smartphone were attracting the crowds at HP’s Gadget Show stand, as the vendor championed the virtues of its Web-OS mobile operating system.

The TouchPad is the first tablet powered by the iOS and Android rival since HP acquired Palm. It will be available in the summer, but as yet there is no price.

The tablet is being pitched as a slightly more business friendly model, which may give it some traction in competing with the consumer-focused Apple iPad and the plethora of Android based devices.

HP believes the ‘synergy’ aspect of the OS – which links information from numerous sources and conglomerates it – will be one of its key USPs, as well as its ‘true’ multi-tasking capabilities.

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