Boffins needed in cyber-war on terror

UK seeks real-life ?Q’

The UK is preparing its newest bid in the war on terror, and needs nerds, stat.

In a brochure released by the Home Office, Brown’s Labour government is said to be looking for IT experts to help the nation’s counter-terrorism and security groups.

“The UK currently faces a real and serious threat from terrorism and we need to utilise our position as a world leader in science and technology to counter this," said Lord West, a security advisor to the Prime Minister.

"The UK is a leading innovator in the design and provision of defence and security solutions,” he added.

“British technology can have greater practical applications across the world and is just one more tool in our fight against those who would wish to do us harm.”

The Home office is, specifically, looking for ideas on how to best fight potential ‘cyber-threats’.

The call for IT maestros comes after the Westminster released its Science and Technology Counter Terrorism Strategy.

"The UK is increasingly reliant on networked communication, but the very open nature of our digital infrastructure makes it vulnerable to attack," the report states.

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