Centerprise chairman predicts British firms to benefit from channel shift towards services

‘End-to-end solutions’ favour UK-based operations

Industry veteran Rafi Razzak has said that the move towards end-to-end solutions – where one company takes care of the production, supply, and service of a PC – is increasing the importance of manufacturing and configuring PCs in the UK.

Speaking to PCR, Centerprise chairman Razzak said that due to foreign assembly eroding margins, there is no future in just manufacturing and selling PCs.

"The key issue today is from overseas competition," he told PCR. "In many ways, our market resembles the car industry in that we’re seeing a drop in average selling prices and a reduction on margins. There’s no future in simply making PCs and selling them.

He said that the general consensus of a move towards end-to-end solutions was one that his company agreed with, but said that UK firms were the best positioned to benefit from it. "UK-based manufacturing and configuration is important, because most smaller specialist orders are still best filled within this country.

"Maintenance issues are covered better from this country too. If you supply PCs with no additional services, you won’t do well. End-to-end solution provision requires a local manufacturing base."

You can read the full interview by clicking here.

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