City of London?s Information and Communication Technology (ICT) infrastructure is ?as good as anywhere in the world.?

City of London IT infrastructure ?as good as it gets?

That’s the conclusion of a new report carried out by SAMI Consulting, which interviewed over 60 people in both small and large businesses in the City and its fringe areas.

The report highlighted five areas, which are particularly important to the financial services industry: network connectivity; data centre capability; electrical power supplies; security and resilience; and skills.

The research showed that the City’s connectivity and data centres remain fully fit for purpose and should cope comfortably with future developments. However, significant investment will be needed to ensure that the electrical power supply to the city keeps up with rising future demand.

Stuart Fraser, Chairman of Policy of the City of London Corporation, said: “ICT infrastructure may be less visible than roads or trains, but it is every bit as important. I am delighted that this report confirms that the City offers the world-class ICT services which businesses rightly expect in a leading financial centre.”

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