Jobs crows about initial success of Leopard

Apple in hyperbole shock

Apple has announced that the new version of its operating system – OSX version 10.5, codenamed Leopard – sold over 2 million copies in its first weekend. This success was apparently even more successful than the success of its really successful predecessor, OSX 10.4, or Tiger – rowr!

"Early indications are that Leopard will be a huge hit with customers," said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO, for a change. "Leopard’s innovative features are getting great reviews and making more people than ever think about switching to the Mac."

To be fair, Leopard does seem to be getting good reviews, but any spike in interest could be as much down to the continuing teething problems of Vista as it is OSX’s intrinsic brilliance. Furthermore there are plenty of reports that Leopard has a nice lot of technical issues of its own.

Still, at least now Mac early adopters will be able to chat to their Windows contemporaries about what it’s like to be a volunteer beta tester.

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