House of Lords Science and Tech committee disappointed with response to concerns

Government ignores need to tackle e-crime

A report by The House of Lords Science and Technology Committee based on the need to tackle e-crime has fallen on deaf ears within the government. The Committee has now expressed disappointment that the recommended measures have been ignored. The measures recommended were:
Increase the resources and skills available to the police and criminal justice system to catch and prosecute e-criminals

Establish a centralised and automated system, administered by law enforcement, for the reporting of e-crime

Provide incentives to banks and other companies trading online to improve the data security by establishing a data security breach notification law

Improve standards of new software and hardware by taking the first steps towards the establishment of legal liability for damage resulting from security flaws

Encourage Internet service providers to improve the security offered to customers by establishing a “kite mark” for Internet services.

The Earl of Erroll, a member of the committee that undertook the inquiry, said:

“The Government’s response is a huge disappointment. We heard compelling evidence of substantial amounts of e-crime and we were entirely persuaded that individuals were unable, on their own, to continue to keep themselves secure.

“The Internet relies on the confidence of millions of users, and that confidence is in danger of being undermined unless we can reverse the trends that our witnesses told us about."

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