Vvikoo graphics cards launched in Paris

New graphics card brand launched

A new brand has been launched in the graphics card market. Vvikoo is located in Paris, France. Vvikoo already design, develop, manufacture and distribute a range of AMD/ATI and Nvidia based graphics cards, some of which are overclocked.

The Vvikoo brand appears to be owned by Palit, who seem to be producing the cards for Vvikoo. Adding to the confusion further, the Vvikoo website has no visible contact details or means by which to order the cards. And it doesn’t end there, the logo can read VAikoo as the second V is upside down.

Among releases are ATI/AMD and Nvidia’s latest graphics cards including the Radeon 2k and GeForce 8 series. There seems to be an emphasis on the cards ability to overclock without compromising the cooling system.

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