A recent survey implies the appeal of the iPhone may be restricted to Apple enthusiasts.

Jury out on iPhone

The first UK survey of potential iPhone customers has revealed a great deal more enthusiasm for the phone from people who already own Apple products than those who don’t.

"7.6% of all respondents said that they’d definitely be getting an iPhone, but that number dropped to just 0.8% of people who don’t already own any Apple products," the survey on iPhone blog iphonic.tv said.

"60.7% of Shuffle owners said that they were seriously considering the iPhone, depending upon the deal, compared with 46.2% of all respondents. 45.6% of Nano users would consider it, and 50% of iPod users."

22.1% of Mac owners said they were definitely getting an iPhone, again implying that the number for PC owners was much smaller.

One of the biggest issues is price. While nearly 60% of respondants said they would be prepared to pay up to £200 for the phone, the propotion dropped of dramatically at higher prices, with only 4% willing to pay over £300.

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