Civo showcases its new machine learning speech to text managed service 

Civo has revealed its new High-Performance Machine Learning Speech to Text Managed Service named Civo Recite. ​​It will be demoed to the tech community for the first time today at Civo Navigate Europe – Civo’s first tech conference in Europe, held in London.

Recite is one of the fastest audio and video to text translation services on the market. Users are able to upload an audio file or audio stream and receive a high-quality transcription with zero configuration and setup. The fully managed service is based on OpenAI’s Whisper Large-v2, which has been rebuilt for Civo’s Bleeding Edge Cloud. Accelerated by Civo’s High-Performance Nvidia GPU Infrastructure, the service supports more than fifty languages and over seven file formats. The service is also ready for large audio files and big data formats, addressing enterprise adoption and surpassing OpenAI’s 25 MB file limit.

Recite is currently in early alpha testing. When development completes, Civo will open it up to its growing community of customers, adding it to Civo’s expanding Machine Learning (ML) offering. It is the next step in Civo’s commitment to innovation within the AI space. Recite is intended to make users’ lives easier, and it is designed to be accessible and requires no ML or Infrastructure expertise.

Civo showcased the service at its flagship European conference: Civo Navigate Europe. Civo Navigate Europe is centered around a theme of innovation, giving the attendees ideas and information on new ways to better leverage cloud-native technologies. With talks on a range of topics such as Kubernetes, sustainable compute, and cloud-native transformation, the conference is a forum for the latest developments in the tech space. The event brings together the leading innovators of the tech community who are driving forward the sector.

Josh Mesout, chief innovation officer at Civo, said: “Machine learning is right at the heart of some of the most exciting innovation in tech today. Businesses are already seeing the benefits. One of the biggest opportunities is streamlining time-intensive processes, freeing staff up to focus on higher value tasks. But we can always do better. Too often these tools do not meet the needs of users, with complexity and inefficiencies in how they are run limiting their value.

“Every user should have access to ML tooling that is high performance, easy to use, and does not cost the Earth to run. At Civo we are committed to pushing forward ML innovation, making developers’ lives easier with our technology every step of the way. Civo Recite is our next step in upholding this promise to developers.”

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