Bitdefender unveils GravityZone Security for mobile

Bitdefender, a global cybersecurity leader, has unveiled GravityZone Security for Mobile, designed to provide organisations with advanced Mobile Threat Detection (MTD) and security for Android, iOS, and Chromebook devices, including Chrome extensions. The new offering helps enterprises, managed service providers (MSPs), and their customers gain deep visibility into their mobile footprint to prevent, protect, detect, and respond to cyberattacks targeting mobile devices, applications, and operating systems.

GravityZone Security provides advanced MTD and protection against mobile attack vectors. Leveraging Bitdefender’s industry-leading antimalware and advanced threat intelligence solutions, GravityZone Security for Mobile enables organisations to vet applications, monitor device status, protect against malicious apps, phishing attacks, and more to strengthen their overall cybersecurity posture.

Security for mobile devices

GravityZone Security for Mobile leverages powerful antimalware technologies, driven by real-time threat intelligence and machine learning technologies on and off the device, to detect malicious applications, known and unknown threats. Organisations can vet mobile applications and monitor mobile endpoints to ensure they meet compliance with designated security policies. On-device anti-phishing technologies protect against phishing attacks without causing slowdowns, and web access controls prevent employees from visiting compromised or malicious websites.

Network protection

Detect network-based threats and map to the tactics and techniques used in MITRE ATT&CK security evaluations. GravityZone Security for Mobile enables organisations to prevent, detect, and respond to network-borne threats to the mobile channel such as reconnaissance attempts (where an attacker covertly gathers information about an organisation’s information systems), weak security connections, and man-in-the-middle attacks, where attackers attempt to intercept multi-factor authentication codes sent to mobile devices.

Device assessment and protection

Stay ahead of mobile device vulnerabilities. GravityZone Security for Mobile provides device monitoring for vulnerabilities, missing encryption, jailbreaking, root access, and outdated devices that are no longer receiving the latest security updates.

Integration with existing mobile and enterprise security solutions

GravityZone Security for Mobile integrates with the unified Bitdefender GravityZone console, enabling customers to extend security beyond traditional endpoints while enjoying centralized management from a single platform. GravityZone Security for Mobile is complementary to an organisation’s existing Mobile Device Management (MDM), Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM), Unified Endpoint Management, and Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions, providing strong protection and easy deployment across all mobile endpoints.

100% cloud-based

GravityZone Security for Mobile provides cloud-based, easy-to-manage security for any type of mobile workforce. Zero-touch enrollment enables mass deployments of mobile devices without end-user intervention, making employees’ mobile devices more secure by default.

Deep visibility for regulatory compliance

Organisations in regulated industries must understand the privacy and security posture of employees’ mobile devices and the applications running on them. GravityZone Security for Mobile provides real-time visibility for application vetting, identifying abnormal behaviour in apps, application version control, user warnings for denied applications, and risky actions such as isolating applications, disabling Wi-Fi/Bluetooth, or disabling or uninstalling extensions.

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