Perera steps down at Vizibl

Vizibl has undertaken the next stage in the company’s evolution as it prepares to scale the business further. From 03 April 2023, founder and CEO Mark Perera will transition into a board-level advisory role to continue supporting the leadership team, remaining an active participant in the business as he hands the leadership baton over to a new incoming CEO.  


The incoming CEO will be formally announced on 3rd April and will work alongside Mr Perera and the Vizibl team to ensure not only a smooth transition, but that the new leader hits the ground running from day one. With ambitious growth targets, Vizibl’s new CEO brings over 20 years of deep enterprise SaaS experience, enabling the business to hit key objectives and realise its full potential in the coming years. 


Chief among those objectives is to further enable Vizibl’s roster of enterprise customers to leverage their supplier relationships to deliver on key strategic goals around sustainability, resilience, transformation, and growth.  


Since establishing the business, Mr Perera’s vision and mission was for Vizibl to help companies work better together to drive sustainable business growth. Mr Perera is passionate about decarbonising supply chains by putting collaboration, innovation, and sustainability at the heart of supplier relationships. An entrepreneur and eternal optimist, Mr Perera has campaigned over the years for organisations to work in close collaboration with supply chain stakeholders and achieve real behavioural change. Most importantly, he is now campaigning for impactful action on the environment and the safety of our global communities, particularly as we move ever closer to 2030 targets for meeting scope 3 and net zero goals. 


Remaining in an advisory capacity to provide vision, market expertise, and leadership insights, Mr Perera commented: “I am so proud of what we’ve accomplished as a team to date and I’m really looking forward to what we will achieve as we move into this next iteration of our growth. Our incoming CEO brings a dedication to customer experience, combined with operational rigour and deep knowledge of scaling procurement SaaS offerings. This combination will be invaluable as we continue to deliver strategic solutions to clients at global enterprises. I will be remaining active in the business to continue to amplify our mission, vision, and position in the market.” 

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