PCR’s November issue gaming roundtable how to get involved?

In PCR’s November issue we will be running a Gaming industry roundtable.

We are calling for industry comment from anyone involved in the gaming sector.

Please let us you your thoughts and opinions on the below questions:

  1. What are the hottest trends in gaming right now?
  2. What is the current state of the gaming industry?
  3. How are gaming peripherals advancing to keep up with gaming trends?
  4. Who has been making the biggest noise in the gaming world this year?
  5. What can we expect to see coming in the gaming world next year?
  6. How has cybercrime been affecting the gaming industry?
  7. What developments or announcements has your company made in gaming this year?
  8. Where is the future of gaming headed?

We will need a bout 100-150 word answers per question and an image of the commentator.

Read the latest edition of PCR’s monthly magazine below:

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