Google Cloud’s Retail Search is now available for retailers

Google Cloud’s launch of Retail Search gives retailers the ability to provide Google-quality search on their own digital properties, as a part of Product Discovery Solutions for Retail.

Retail Search has successfully supported global retailers to increase sales and improve product discovery for customers. This will help provide recommendations that are timely, relevant and personalised, using Google Cloud’s advanced search technologies based on AI and ML.

The fully managed and customisable service is able to do this through:

  • Advanced query understanding that produces better results from even the broadest queries, including non-product searches
  • Semantic search to effectively match product attributes with website content for fast, relevant product discovery
  • Optimised results that leverage user interaction and ranking models to meet specific business goals, such as promotions, new products, or inventory surplus
  • State-of-the-art security and privacy practices that ensure retailer data is isolated with strong access controls and is only used to deliver relevant search results on their own properties
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