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New AMD Radeon PRO W6600X GPUs Available for Mac Pro

AMD’s  Radeon PRO W6600X GPU for Mac Pro delivers a combination of image quality and exceptional performance.

Built on the energy efficient, high-performance AMD RDNA 2 architecture, the AMD Radeon PRO W6600X offers delivers stunning visuals and exceptional performance to power a variety of today’s popular professional applications and workloads.

Key capabilities and features of AMD Radeon PRO W6600X GPU include: Up to 8GB of GDDR6 memory with up to 256 GB/s bandwidth provides ultra-fast transfer speeds to power data-intensive professional applications,  32MB of last-level data cache integrated on the GPU die is designed to reduce latency and power consumption to enable higher performance than traditional architectural designs, 8K processing and HDR. support, the AMD Radeon PRO W6600X GPU enables amazing levels of creativity by enhancing video compositing and editing for professional workflows.

In addition to the new AMD Radeon PRO W6600X GPUs, Mac Pro Users can also select from several otherAMD GPUs to power an extensive range of professional workloads, including the previously announced AMD Radeon PRO W6900X, AMD Radeon PRO W6800X and AMD Radeon PRO W6800X Duo GPUs.

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