In PCR’s December/January issue we have a special focus on the Remote/Hybrid Workforce.

For many of us the newfound remote/hybrid work life may seem like the ideal solution for balancing both your professional and home life. But for many organisations the sudden shift has been a complete culture shock. But now with the right levels of security, connectivity and necessary hardware in place it’s all seeming far more tangible for the foreseeable future.

In our remote/Hybrid workforce focus, Luis Navarro shares the most prominent cybersecurity risks that companies face with a remote and hybrid workforce and how to mitigate them. Amir Hashmi from zsah runs through his top tips for remote workers and managers for staying cyber-safe when working from home.

The pandemic has also accelerated the world of ecommerce and many retailers have had to step up their ecommerce or omichannel offering to keep pace. In our retail analysis, Aman Khurana and Andre Hordagoda, Co-CEOs and Co-Founders of Go Instore, and Mark Zablan, CEO of Emplifi discuss how the customer experience is being reimagined to enhance brand-to-consumer relationships.

In our second retail analysis piece, Nick Sacke, from Comms365, explains how retailers can confidently achieve the resilient connectivity required to underpin every aspect of the customer retail experience.

Other key highlights this issue include Six Degrees, Thomas Cartlidge’s, view on the necessary steps retail businesses should be taking to ensure they mitigate the risk of a data breach. In our Big Interview, DivideBuy’s Jo Balsamo discusses greater payment versatility with buy now pay later incentives. Google Cloud’s, Simon Aldous discusses Google Cloud’s new partnership integrations and solutions.

In one of our life in the channel interviews, Mukesh Gupta from e92plus discusses the fight against the latest cyber threats; whilst Agilitas’ Shaun Lynn shares his company’s mission to be to a carbon positive business by 2040.

Here’s to a bright and prosperous 2022!

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