PCR Dec-Jan Remote/hybrid workforce industry roundtable how to get involved!

In the Dec-Jan issue of PCR, which will arrive with our readers early Jan we will be running an industry roundtable focusing on the remote and hybrid workforce and the next steps in making this working model a long-term proposition.

We are interested in hearing your successes in implementing a remote or hybrid workforce and the challenges and successes you have experienced.

We are looking for industry comment on the following questions:

  1. What next steps should companies be considering to reinforce the hybrid work model to ensure long-term sustainability?
  2. If you have implemented a hybrid working model how successful has it been and what have you had to do to make this plausible?
  3. How has tech played a key role in your hybrid working model?
  4. How have you dealt with costs? Such as office space, remote workers equipment etc? Have you seem much impact on cost such as cheaper facility costs or lower staffing costs?
  5. Going forward how will you adapt this into your recruitment model? Will it enable you to employ staff from overseas or further afield?
  6. Are you having to deal with any employment legislations laws for any over seas workers. If so what and how are you handling this?
  7. How have you synronised your remote workforce?
  8. Have you needed to embark upon the wider adoption of digitization to make this working model possible?
  9. How have you dealt with security across the whole hybrid working model?
  10. What were your views towards remote working before and how have your views now changed since the pandemic enforced this new work life?

Please could we have 100 word answers per question along with a profile pic of the commentator

Editorial deadline is 20th Nov

Please send responses to: Michelle Winny michelle.winny@biz-media.co.uk

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