HeadOffice.Space: metaverse on the moon for remote workers

HeadOffice.Space has announced its premier space for connection, a metaverse on the moon designed for remote workers.

Built for remote teams, participants are able to join or host events and secure their own private spaces on “Moon Valley” or for enterprise level, larger organisations, secure a customised, branded planet. 

20+ spaces and places are available, a few include:

  • Squadpods: Private, secure office space for teams to customise, meet and collaborate with work tools they know and love. 
  • Immersion Rooms: Enable fully immersive onboarding and training sessions, share experiences, knowledge and create unimaginable and unforgettable moments in these fully customisable rooms.
  • Studio Rooms: Create interviews, events, videos and more. Livestream to millions of people or save it to video.
  • Wellness Center: Curated experiences and classes designed for mind, body and soul. Join a yoga session with your team, meditate in space or just relax with easy breathing exercises.
  • Main Stage: Events and unlimited guests, bring your concert, key note and more to the Metaverse. 

“People have been collaborating remotely in games like The Sims and Second Life for almost 20 years and most recently with Fortnite and Roblox among others. Remote collaboration has enabled strangers from different parts of the world to fight wars, build cities and accomplish incredible quests working together, forming friendships, teams, “clans” and entire communities ever since. We noticed that not only people communicate better in these environments but they are able to stay for longer periods of time without feeling fatigue, they make more friends and develop a deeper sense of belonging and community compared to standard video conferencing platforms. We took these incredible tools and “workified” them, making them persistent, secure and integrated with the most important business and communication tools, for the optimal headquarters.” – Marco Carvalho, CEO, HeadOffice.Space. 

HeadOffice.Space is built on Epic Games Unreal Engine, an advanced real-time 3D creation tool that powers Fortnite, HeadOffice.Space is breaking boundaries beyond the break room providing remote teams with spaces for connection; virtual headquarters, collaborative community clubhouses, virtual events, concerts, summits, gamified gatherings and virtual classrooms. 

Participants move around “Moon Valley,” a persistent 3D world with a continuous existence and evolution as astronaut avatars with the ability to create their own custom avatars through HeadOffice.Space’s partnership with Ready Player Me as a premium feature. 

“I’m certain people will spend more time in work-related game-like experiences in the future. We do that already with our team in traditional games and VR apps; specialized work experiences like HeadOffice.Space will make that experience even better.” Timmu Tõke, CEO at Wolf3D

Spatial sound allows participants to have conversations as they would in real life, sounds are perceived according to the position of each avatar in the room, enabling more natural conversations and even singing together, unlike traditional video conferencing platforms. Participants can also communicate via chat, emotes (emotions via Avatar animations) or jump into a video conferencing room to engage with a specific group or host presentations with larger team members and outside guests.

“We designed HeadOffice.Space with leading edge security in mind, as a result a publicly traded cybersecurity company has partnered with us to implement our platform across their global organization. We collect zero data from participants, our video conferencing is HIPPA compliant and our servers do not store personal identification information. We do not require participants to have specific social media accounts to access our platform.” – Gillard Araujo, Co-Founder, CTO

The Metaverse Market is anticipated to grow 509% from $46 billion in 2020 to $280 billion by 2025 (Strategy & Analytics Inc.) and 73% of companies are estimated to have remote workers by 2028 (Upwork). Remote work would save businesses over $700 billion a year in real estate, electricity, absenteeism, and turnover and productivity (Global Workplace Analytics).

With the rise in remote work, companies are looking for new ways to collaborate, and create a better connected culture; we continue to see significant growth in remote events, collaboration platforms and the Metaverse, HeadOffice.Space brings together the best of these experiences in a way that is accessible to innovative businesses of all sizes, leveraging a breadth of platforms and web based tools that people work with everyday. ” – Valerie Vacante, Director of Strategy at LiveArea and Founder of Collabsco. 

HeadOffice.Space is currently inviting select companies to participate in their early beta program. Visit https://www.headoffice.space/ to find out how to apply. 

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