Klaxoon reveals new range of products for hybrid workforce

Klaxoon will soon be launching a new generation of products designed for hybrid work. These products include Board Hybrid and Hybridity, a “whiteboard room”.

Board Hybrid, the all-in-one, visual, collaborative tool designed for hybrid work

Launched less than a year ago, Board has already been adopted by millions of users, and now it is taking the next step in its evolution: adapting to hybrid work with Board Hybrid, an advanced visual workspace.

Board Hybrid enables users to express and model their ideas even more accurately as discussions progress. Original functions have been added to the palette of graphics tools (intelligent connectors, the Plume tool, Questions, etc.) in order to model complex processes and express ideas more clearly in real time from any device.

Thanks to its file management system’s unique display, Board Hybrid unleashes teams’ resource management capabilities. No more email storms or multiple document downloads; say goodbye to tedious directory structures, with Board Hybrid™️, resources are centralized and accessible from any device, giving them a whole new dimension.

Being able to import and visualise any type of content or file (word processing files, images, presentation boards, PPT, graphics files, spreadsheets, etc.) means that teams avoid the proliferation of emails and attachment downloads that complexify teamwork. It’s easy to explore or share files, or to present them to the group in real time, page by page, using Board Hybrid™️’s synchronization functions.

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