Whirlpool Corporation Migrates SAP Systems to Google Cloud for Sustainable Growth  

Whirlpool Corporation is working with Google Cloud to deliver critical business systems and applications on Google Cloud’s secure, reliable, and sustainable infrastructure. The company, which rolled out Google Workspace to its employees in 2014, has now deployed its enterprise-wide SAP environment and applications on Google Cloud, providing its global teams with low-latency, secure access to SAP systems and data.

Today, Whirlpool Corp. relies on SAP for many aspects of its business, including supply chain management, manufacturing planning and IoT, enterprise resource planning (ERP), finance, customer relationship management (CRM), and more. Bringing these business-critical systems onto Google Cloud provides the company with an environment that ensures maximum uptime, provides global access to applications with very low latency, and empowers the company’s teams of data analysts to derive maximum value from its business data, such as data on its supply chain, financial systems, IoT, and more.

Google Cloud is also providing Whirlpool Corp. with a platform for growth, with elastic cloud infrastructure that can scale up or down as needed, and with access to Google’s next-generation capabilities in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and analytics that are increasingly significant drivers of digital transformation.

With this announcement, Whirlpool Corp. is also expanding its use of the cleanest cloud in the industry, ensuring that its business systems are run sustainably and responsibly. Google Cloud has matched 100 percent of its global electricity use with purchases of renewable energy every year since 2017, and is now building on that progress with a new goal of running entirely on carbon-free energy at all times by 2030.

“Whirlpool Corporation is committed to reaching zero emissions by 2030, and turning to Google Cloud’s clean infrastructure for our global business systems and applications is a step forward toward that goal,” said Dani Brown, senior vice president and CIO at Whirlpool Corporation. “We are excited to strengthen our strategic relationship with Google Cloud to empower our employees with cloud productivity solutions, and to ensure that our most critical business systems and applications are delivered securely, efficiently, and sustainably.”

“Whirlpool Corp. is creating a foundation for future growth with a forward-looking, cloud-first approach to its critical SAP systems, while maintaining a strong commitment to sustainability,” said Rob Enslin, President at Google Cloud. “We’re proud to expand our strategic collaboration with Whirlpool and will continue to support the company’s digital transformation across all of its global operations.”

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