Enhancing student engagement is a prime concern for education providers and as education technology solutions evolve in line with IoT, AI, AR, and VR, these technologies will go a long way in offering an interactive experience to learners.

In the June issue we focus on the current EdTech market and how the channel is working to address industry needs. One apparent shortfall bought on by the onset on the Coronavirus is access to suitable computer and IT equipment for students and education providers. So the channel has a major role in fulfilling this need.

We spoke with Intel to find our more about its Pandemic Response Technology Initiative and how this has helped the education sector.

Trevor Evans, MD at Consenna discusses the channel’s role in facilitating home learning.

Theis Mørk, Vice President, Global Product Management at EPOS looks at how audio technology has become vital to the education sector and remote learning.

Dr. Andrea Cullen from CAPSLOCK discusses why CAPSLOCK was established in an effort to broaden skills and understanding for a career in digital security.

We have come a long way from chalk boards and learning by rote and the future of education is set to be transformed by EdTech especially with the scope of IoT, AI, AR, and VR technologies and is why channel education initiatives are vital to realising this full potential.

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