New Onfido face authentication and enhanced security tools

Onfido’s Face Authenticate now includes a biometric face authenticator as well as new security tools, including Onfido Private Key Encryption, as part of its Real Identity Platform.

With Onfido’s Real Identity Platform, comprising of Onfido Verify (document and facial biometric onboarding) and Onfido Face Authenticate (biometric face authentication), companies can now go beyond safely onboarding new users for Know Your Customer (KYC) or compliance purposes by providing a safe and frictionless way for trusted users to re-access existing accounts within seconds and unlock new revenue opportunities for digital products and services.

“Identity fraud losses cost $56B last year as more businesses adopted a digital-first approach to customer onboarding, providing a larger landscape for fraudsters to attack,” said Alex Valle, Chief Product Officer at Onfido. “Onfido Face Authenticate, in tandem with our verification product, provides a more robust identity lifecycle solution for businesses, ensuring the people accessing online accounts are the same legitimate people who were verified at registration, without compromising user experience or privacy.”

Fast, Frictionless and Secure Authentication Across the User Journey
Onfido Face Authenticate leverages class-leading, 3D Face Liveness Detection AI during user authentication. Compatible with billions of iOS and Android devices, tablets and PCs, users simply take a three-second video selfie. Onfido then recreates the 3D shape of the user’s face and matches it to the biometric data provided when their real identity was established at registration, enabling repeat access at high-risk or high-value moments.

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