PPDS partners with i3 Technologies

PPDS is partnering with education software solutions specialist, i3 Technologies.

PPDS’ interactive touch screen displays, including the Philips T-Line (designed exclusively for education), come with access to ‘i3LEARNHUB’ – i3 Technologies’ flagship cloud-based digital creation and learning platform.

The addition of i3LEARNHUB provides teachers and students with instant access to an extensive range of new educative and collaborative tools, designed to help teachers create fresh, inspiring and feature-rich tailored content to present during lessons, turning classrooms into highly collaborative workspaces and facilitating hybrid learning.

i3LEARNHUB not only provides a rich library of tools and images, it also features a growing community of over 50,000 educational professionals, in which teachers around the world come together to share ideas and best practices.

Accessible via the i3MARKETPLACE, teachers (and content publishers) can help to inspire their colleagues, by making their own pre-created, tried and tested lesson plans, freely and openly available to the entire community for use and tailoring.* With thousands of content plans already available, and the asset library growing daily, the i3MARKETPLACE has the potential to save significant time and resource, while ensuring the best achievable experience for students.

Chris Colpaert, General Manager at PPDS, said: “As we continue, at PPDS, to act on our commitment and desire to drive positive change in education with interactive technology, we’re absolutely delighted to have signed this important, key strategic partnership with i3 technologies.”

“We recognise the value and the capabilities that can be achieved by combining our displays with trusted, leading software, benefiting our partners and, importantly, the end customer experience. This is all made even easier with our Android SoC, offering a more familiar, open platform, allowing customers to use the solutions they prefer and not be dictated to by the hardware.”

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