iDenfy’s new fraudulent IP address product tracks fraudsters

iDenfy has released a new product that helps track down fraudulent online transactions. “A common way for companies to identify fraudulent activity is by analysing IP address locations,” explained iDenfy’s CEO Domantas Ciulde. “However, many criminals use an anonymous IP, sometimes called a proxy, in order to make it look like their online activity is originating from a different computer or location. Proxies are used over 95% of the time with fraudulent activity, which makes it very difficult to track down the fraudster. This is why iDenfy, has released Proxy Detection. This new product can determine whether or not the IP address being used in the online transaction is legitimate.”

The product’s algorithm analyzes the internet and black market 24/7 to detect IP addresses associated with an anonymous IP or TOR network, elite proxy, socks 4/5, Virtual Private Network (VPN), hosting provider or online anonymizers. The algorithm can then recognize if an IP address in question has signs of malicious software or was used in fraudulent activity. It can also find out when an IP address is cleared from malicious software and is no longer acting as a fraudulent IP. This is all being done in the background as a user starts their online transaction, so their user experience will not be affected by this additional layer of security.

“Our product services are focused on ensuring that users’ ID verification process is accurate and extremely thorough, and this new product helps us to build on that even further,” added Domantas Ciulde. “It gives companies peace of mind, knowing that they can detect any instance where a criminal is behind an online transaction.”

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