Smart Engines delivers new visual memory technology for document type detection

Smart Engines has launched new ID scanning technology called Smart ID Engine 1.12.0 using visual memory algorithm for fast automatic document type detection. Starting from v1.12.0, Smart ID Engine applies new compact indexing methods of multidimensional feature space of local features of ID documents. They allow almost instant determination of document type among thousands of possible variants. Automatic type detection mode is available when recognising documents with the Smart ID Engine in real-time video streams, on photos and scans.

‘We have developed a unique visual memory algorithm for the Smart ID Engine and implemented it for the first time. It significantly speeds up streaming image processing on the on-premise server and makes the process of document recognition on a smartphone even more convenient and faster’, said Smart Engines CEO Vladimir Arlazarov, PhD in Engineering Science, ‘Now users do not need to specify the type of document in the mobile app before scanning. This will streamline procedures of global KYC platforms and massively simplify customer identification processes ’.

The new generation Smart ID Engine now supports containerisation via the Docker platform and is therefore much faster to integrate into a customer’s infrastructure. This capability enables the deployment of a highly loaded ID recognition system using a Docker container in a matter of minutes. Linux application developers only need to execute a single command to install it. Smart ID Engine in Docker container integrates into the client’s local server infrastructure and is ready to scan 55 passports per second on a 32-Core HPC without the use of GPU.

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