Cradlepoint launches second-generation 5G product portfolio

 Cradlepoint’s second-generation 5G product portfolio launch spans low-band to millimetre-wave solutions and external adaptors to integrated 5G routers.

“Network providers and their partners have only scratched the surface in terms of the possibilities that can be enabled through 5G networks,” said Cindy Whelan, practice leader enterprise networks & wholesale at OMDIA. “As with every technology cycle, enterprise organisations seek out trusted partners to help them assess requirements, determine the right solution, and find strategic vendors that can deliver the most efficient, effective solutions. With the company’s move towards its second-generation 5G platform, Cradlepoint brings proven experience that bolsters its position as a trusted partner helping the enterprise navigate 5G business transformation opportunities.”

5G-Embedded Routers and Field-Upgradable Modular Modems

Cradlepoint has developed high-performing wireless edge routers for 5G branch and mobile use cases and a 5G modular modem that is field-upgradable:

 R1900 Ruggedised 5G Mobile Router: Announced April 8, the R1900 is a 5G mobile router optimised for in-vehicle networks.

 E3000 5G Enterprise SD-WAN Router: Introduced in 2020, the E3000 Series gets a new model that contains an embedded 5G modem. The E3000 Series is 5G-optimised with a choice of high-speed fibre and 2.5 Gbps Ethernet WAN ports. It has an expansion slot for a second, field-upgradable modem and supports PoE and Captive Modem technology to connect Wideband 5G Adaptors in an easy-to-manage architecture.

 MC400-5G Modular Modem: The new MC400-5G Modular Model a facilitates field-upgrades or a second 5G modem to be added to any Cradlepoint 5G-ready or optimised router. Supported models are the AER2200, IBR1700, E300, E3000, and R1900.

W-Series 5G Wideband Adaptors
The W-Series 5G Wideband Adaptors offer an Ethernet-remotable 5G modem and antenna system that supports the entire 5G spectrum. Customers can pair an adaptor with any router and achieve optimal 5G reception anywhere using standard Power Over Ethernet (PoE) cabling.

W2000/W1850 5G Wideband Adaptor (Indoor Units):  The W2000/W1850 indoor units are for low-band and mid-band 5G deployments where a 5G signal is acquirable indoors. Whereas the W2000 is ideal for immediate proof-of-concept and early implementations, the W1850 is the production-optimised version designed for widespread deployments.

 W2005 5G Wideband Adaptor (Outdoor Unit): The W2005 outdoor unit gives more flexibility in deploying 5G capacity-layer connectivity for buildings and fixed sites.

 W4005 5G Wideband Adaptor for mmWave (Outdoor Unit): While mmWave 5G promises fibre-fast connections within the urban core, it also demands an outdoor line-of-sight deployment to achieve high-capacity performance. The W4005 is designed explicitly for this mission with multi-gigabit performance and liquid cooling, and it utilises the latest Qualcomm high-power array antenna with beamforming, steering, and tracking technology. 

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