G2 Esports expands collaboration with Streamcoi to help support Creator business 

Esports brand, G2, has expanded its official collaboration with streamer automated management platform to enhance G2’s creator business by allowing users to manage sponsorship content for streamers and track performance all on one platform.

Alongside competitive gaming, the esports giant will continue to build and engage its communities, through high-quality streaming content from both its professional players and content creators worldwide. G2 streamers generate in excess of 10 million hours watched, every month, and G2 provides branded materials for each and every channel.

A report by Stream Hatchet shows viewers spent a staggering total 6.3 billion hours watching Twitch streams in the first quarter of 2021. This is a rise of  97%, or almost double the amount of hours watched from this time in 2020. In fact, this is roughly 300 million more hours watched than in the first quarters of 2020 and 2019 combined.

The collaboration with Streamcoi means G2 can develop a concise platform that offers automatic streamer management, as well as ease of access to team assets, design files and partner content. It also allows G2 to measure accurate statistics and monitor results in real time, alongside instant messaging across multiple streams. Finally, and thanks to Streamcoi, creators and pro players can solely focus on streaming, and the staff take care of disclosing relevant graphic assets and partners actions.

G2 will also use Streamcoi to promote merchandise. Thanks to the tool’s features, both basic merch and limited collections are promoted on all streams simultaneously by animated creative. Banners appear a few times per hour across multiple streams without interrupting gameplay. Together with the creative a chat link appears, which easily directs viewers to the shop.

Callum Newland, Event Manager at G2 said: “Streamcoi is a very useful tool for G2. It allows us to minimise our players and creator’s workload as we can set and launch campaigns without the need of a player or creator setting anything up. It also has the ability to update all overlays automatically or individually, which allows us to save precious time.”

Jakub Janaszek, Brand Manager at Streamcoi adds: “G2 has been with us almost from the beginning and the official partnership is definitely one of the highlights in Streamcoi’s history. Supporting such a large organisation, its partnerships and dozens of the most popular streamers are not only a pleasure but also a great challenge. Nothing gives you more satisfaction than when what you create works. We have many great projects behind us, but even more ahead of us. Teams that don’t bet on automation now will have a big problem in the future to bear it.”

The user-friendly interface has sparked positive conversations between users, with a RDU, one of G2 creators, stating: “Thanks to Streamcoi I never have to think about the complicated aspect of setting up an overlay. It’s like having wire management done for you and makes everything nice and clean!”

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