Gaming: A new era of customisation

OPSYS, is a PC gaming company that offers personalised gaming computers designed to meet an individual’s performance and style preferences. Here PCR catches up with company Founder and Managing Director, Liam Moore to find out more.

Please could you tell me a bit more about Opsys?
OPSYS is an amalgamation of ‘OP’, meaning ‘overpowered’ and ‘Sys’, referring to ‘systems’ – as we are seeking to redefine how gamers choose, tailor, use and maintain their gaming computers to present them with more choice and greater flexibility .

Our primary objective is to set a new standard in the gaming PC market. With best-in-class cable management, premium grade components meticulously designed to work in harmony with one another and a stringent benchmark criteria a system must achieve before it is allowed to leave – we think we have succeeded, but stopping there wasn’t enough.

From expert sales advice and a website designed to help customers choose the right PC, to an unmatched unboxing experience complete with OP merchandise, side missions and puzzles for gamers to enjoy, through to a unique Evolution warranty which should mean an OPSYS customer never needs to buy another full system ever again – we believe gamers deserve more and we are here to make that happen.

What is your role within the company?
As an avid gamer myself, I jumped at the first opportunity to join the industry in 2011, employed as the Head of Ecommerce Development for a local system integrator. During the following 7 years, I was able to channel my own passion for gaming and use my personal experiences to try and provide positive user experiences within the budget sector of the PC market.

Although I enjoyed my time there, working within the financial constraints that exist in the crowded, budget PC market always left me feeling that I had more to give back to the gaming community. I put together an aggressive 10 year business plan with the goal of creating a global, premium gaming brand that I felt could solve the fundamental problems that exist within the industry that have given pre-builds such a bad rep in the last 10-15 years.

In 2018 I was fortunate to receive significant financial backing to make this dream a reality and after 2 years of careful planning and infrastructure investment, we now have the platform to share this new vision of how owning an OPSYS gaming system represents a new dawn for an industry which has been too slow to adapt to changing gamer needs.

Why is OPSYS looking to challenge existing conventional store bought PCs?
There are too many PC consumers who buy off the shelf systems and consoles with fixed specs and designs that become obsolete as a gamer’s skills advance or technology evolves. Owning an OPSYS should mean it’s the last full system you ever need to buy. With OPSYS, gamers don’t need to choose between building their own and buying a pre-built PC. Instead, their system can grow and evolve alongside their style and performance.

 How does the company intend to ‘disrupt’ the gaming PC industry?
OPSYS PCs are built to level up with a user over time. Our first of its kind, Evolution Warranty provides gamers with access to a discounted upgrade scheme, providing wholesale component pricing and free labour costs for future upgrades of their OPSYS PC meaning a customer can upgrade as often as they like to remain OP not just from day one but for life.

We even throw in an annual health check so customers can be confident about the longevity of their investment. We also include a 3 year parts cover and a 1 week Level-Up turnaround service to minimise downtime – where all other gaming systems end up on landfill after 3-5 years, an OPSYS will grow indefinitely with a users changing needs and wants whilst providing sustainability to the planet in the process.

What are the current challenges or issues in the gaming industry and how is the company working to address this?
We feel the market is stale and has been dominated by the same brands for too long. With a focus on the short term, we feel gamers deserve more than bang for buck and the large investment a top gaming PC commands, should last longer than a couple of years before being rendered obsolete. We aim to breath new life into the sector and appeal to both veteran gamers and the next-gen aspiring Twitch stars, alike by making desktops which people are once again proud to put on their desk.

What is the current state of the gaming industry?
A combination of soulless homogeny with the mass produced high street brand systems and poor quality, mis-sold PCs towards the bottom – all leading to gamers not getting the best experience for their money with access to the latest hardware only achievable by repeated investment in new systems on a regular basis.

Where do you see the future of gaming going?
With Covid-19 driving the need for more in-home entertainment, we only see gaming growing more rapidly than ever before in the mainstream. With Twitch and Youtube providing the new era of stars and aspirational figures, to multi-million dollar esports competitions providing a pathway to making gaming a recognised professional sport, we think the sector will boom massively in years to come and we want to spearhead a new way for PCs to be purchased and used in various areas of performance from simulators to VR.

How does OPSYS allow your system to grow with the user?
Whether a user wants more performance to keep up with the latest game, or maybe they are redecorating their bedroom and want a system which fits better within their new setup – we build systems with ceiling room to grow in the short-medium term whilst our Evolution Warranty makes larger upgrades much more cost effective than having to buy a new system in the long term. We have a commitment to delivering OP performance not just on day one, but for life.

Where did the idea for the company spring from?
Having worked in the industry for over 10 years and been an avid gamer all my life, I have seen first hand the pain points gamers feel most strongly about. Having been very fortunate to secure significant investment to be able to solve these fundamental flaws within the sector, we hope to become recognised as a market leader for gaming by the end of the decade.

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