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EZVIZ DB1 3MP Video Doorbell

The EZVIZ DB1 3MP Video Door has a 3MP resolution camera and weatherproof casing for outdoor use. Its 180-degree vertical viewing angle and 105-degree horizontal view offers a full vertical angle of visitors at the door and even allows remote voice communication. Connect it to your smartphone via the EZVIZ app to keep your home safe. It also comes with 3 different angle plates and 3 different colour facia plates for optimum look and view.

Specs: 180-degree vertical viewing angle and 105-degree horizontal view, remote voice communication, smart phone enabled, 3 different angle plates, 3 different colour facia plates

EZVIZ C3N night vision security camera

The EZVIZ C3N security camera provides clear colour night vision to help see every bit of detail at night and delivers a better experience for monitoring your home in the dark. The integrated AI Human Detection deep learning model detects motion in real-time to further reduce false alerts, delivering footage to you wherever you are. You’ll receive instant notification.

Specs: Clear colour night vision, Integrated AI Human Detection in real-time, Instant incident notification

EZVIZ C3X commercial-grade security camera

The EZVIZ C3X is a commercial-grade security camera with a dual-lens setup. Nighttime colour video is now a reality, even with the absence of supplemental lights. Built-in AI algorithms create simplicity of use. Now you can get accurate alerts when people and vehicles appear in your specified zones. Deter suspicious activity using the built-in 100DB alarm and flash light. A new EZVIZ feature has been added that allows users to set customisable voice alerts, activated when motion is detected to help deter suspicious activity.

Specs: Commercial-grade security camera, Dual-lens setup, Nighttime colour video, Built-in AI algorithms, Specified zones alerts, 100DB alarm and flash light, Customisable voice alerts

EZVIZ LC1 Full HD Outdoor Floodlight Camera

The EZVIZ Full HD Outdoor Floodlight Cam is a weatherproof (IP65) outdoor floodlight with a powerful 2500LM brightness and built-in Full HD 140-degree view camera and 100dB Alarm system. The Floodlight can replace an existing outdoor light unit, or be installed as a new unit. The 270-degree PIR sensor, sends motion detection alerts to your EZVIZ app enabling users to select areas of detection to avoid false alarms. A two way-audio solution is also built-in.

Specs: Full HD Outdoor Floodlight Camera, Weatherproof (IP65), Outdoor floodlight, Powerful 2500LM brightness, Built-in Full HD 140-degree view camera, 100dB Alarm system, 270-degree PIR sensor, Motion detection alerts, Selectable areas of detection, Two way-audio solution

TP-Link KC105 Kasa Spot Camera

The KC105 is TP-Link’s latest indoor security camera, with 24/7 recording enabled through local storage on a Micro SD Card. With sharp and clear 1080p full HD and 130° wide-angle field of view, users can benefit from high-quality video footage right in the palm of their hand. Equipped with night vision, the Kasa Spot is able to see up to 30 feet in the dark, allowing users to never miss a thing. The Kasa Smart app also allows users to view footage in real-time from anywhere. A small but mighty gadget that helps users protect what matters most.

Specs: Secure local recording, Sharp and clear 1080p Full HD and 130° wide-angle field, Instant Activity Alerts, Automatic alerts, Night Vision up to 30 feet, two-way audio, Activity Zones, Remote Live View with the Kasa Smart app,

Contact: TP-Link UK

TP-Link Tapo L510E Smart Wi-Fi Light Bulb

The L510E bulb brings unlimited smart, secure and easy lighting control to the home. Armed with advanced technology and aesthetically pleasing design, the Tapo range is designed to deliver a smarter, more convenient and secure life. Connect the bulb to your existing Wi-Fi network, with no need for extra hubs or other devices. Benefit from the advanced technology, the Tapo L510E dimmable lights consume less energy than normal LED lights. Controlled through one Tapo app, the ecosystem is able to turn your home into a truly smart one.

Specs: Dimmable Adjust with Ease, Schedule Set Your Times, Sunrise and Sunset Modes, automatically activate your light according to your time zone, Voice Control, Remote Control, Away Mode

Contact: TP-Link UK

TP-Link KP303 Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Power Strip

With 3 smart outlets that can be separately managed and 2 always-on USB ports, the Kasa Smart WiFi Power Strip meets your diverse needs by supporting multiple appliances independently or simultaneously. Control up to 3 devices from anywhere with the Kasa Smart app and remotely turn on and off plugged-in devices, such as lamps, fans, and heathers. Simply connect to any secured 2.4 GHz wireless network to control directly, with no need for a separate hub or extra equipment. Improve convenience and and cut down on power consumption with schedules/timers and shield sensitive appliances with surge protection.

Specs: Supports 5 appliances simultaneously with 3 independently controllable smart outlets and 2 always-on USB ports, Surge protection, The Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Power Strip plus free Kasa Smart app, Create schedules/timers to turn outlets on/off , Grouping combines all 3 smart plugs with other Kasa Smart devices,

Contact: TP-Link UK

TP-Link KP105 Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Plug (Slim)

Smarten your home for an advanced lifestyle with TP-Link’s KP105. This space-saving plug fits into any standard socket without blocking adjacent ones with its sleek, rectangular, compact design. Control appliances remotely on your phone or tablet with no need for extra equipment – just a secure 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network. Compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Samsung SmartThings, use voice commands to control your connected devices. With quick and easy setup via the Kasa Smart app, set countdown timers for plugged-in devices and create schedules to follow your daily routine. Remote control and multiple safety guarantees help minimise burning hazards.

Specs: Control from Anywhere, Compact Design, Voice Control, Schedule and Timer,

Contact: TP-Link UK

Tado° expanded V3+ starter kits smart thermostat

Compatible with 95% of all heating systems, the expanded smart thermostat V3+ starter kits from Tado° offer integration and control of all kinds of boilers from any manufacturer. If there is no wired room thermostat connected to the boiler, then the new Wireless Smart ThermostatStarter Kit can be used. The choice of two simple starter kit with wired or wireless options make selecting the right setup easier and more affordable. The Wireless Smart Thermostat can also replace a dual channel programmer.

Specs: Temperature and humidity sensors: 868MHz radio communication frequency: Mesh (6LoWPAN) protocol: 5-36V DC 0.2A/4.5V DC 3 AAA power supply batteries, 1.200 mAh: Polycarbonate outer shell (PC) and ABS plastic in matte white: LED matrix with 10 x 19mm LEDs: Measures 32 x 20mm: 2x capacitive touch buttons: 1x mechanical button

Contact: Tado

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