Video games with the most cheats revealed

The video game market is set to be worth a staggering $300bn by 2025, meaning the popularity of video games has grown exponentially. However, what if the gaming market was riddled with cheating, and not skill?

Interested in gaming, utilised analytics tool Ahrefs to discover which games’ cheat codes are most sought after in two of the world’s leading gaming markets – UK and USA.

British Gamers found that Sims 4 is the video game Brits most cheat at. Every month, an average of 87,000 online searches are made – the equivalent of 2,900 online searches per day.

In second place is Grand Theft Auto: V, with an astonishing 35,300 online searches a month.

Interestingly, a significant proportion of gamers are turning to Google to find cheats for other titles in the Grand Theft Auto franchise – San Andreas cheats (6,300 online searches per month) and Vice City cheats (2,400 online searches per month).

Pokémon remains a popular franchise for gaming cheats. From the Pokémon universe, they include Pokémon Emerald cheats (5,100 online searches a month), Pokémon Fire Red cheats (4,800 online searches a month) and Pokémon Black 2 cheats (2,600 online searches a month).

Just 2,200 online searches a month go to Saints Row 2 cheats.

American Gamers found that Sims 4 is also the video game Americans cheat at most (404,000) – the equivalent of 13,467 online searches per day. Likewise, Grand Theft Auto: V, is the second most prevalent game for cheating with 154,000 online searches a month. found the UK and US gaming markets share the same top four games. As with the UK gaming market, Americans seem most interested in the Pokémon franchise. Pokemon Emerald cheats (23,000 online searches a month), Pokémon Fire Red cheats (22,000 online searches a month) and Pokémon Platinum cheats (8,400 online searches a month) – albeit last in the list.

A spokesperson from commented: “Gaming has become absolutely huge over the last decade. It’s a very competitive industry, with constant innovation. Developers spend a ton of time and resources creating captivating video games, trying to make them as realist and interactive as possible. This is especially true for video games designed with sophisticated characters, maps, levels, perks and missions. Despite the fantastic gameplay, it tends to be with these sorts of games that players most run into difficulties. Whilst some try to overcome any stumbling blocks with their problem-solving skills others turn to a quicker solution, which are cheats courtesy of the internet. This research highlights the video games Americans most cheat at, with some very surprising outcomes”.

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