Partner Content: BenQ on why projection technology is about to shake up the gaming market

Modern video games are marvels of technical creation, with an artistic vision and a prowess in production which has never been better. Games production companies are constantly pushing the envelope of what is possible, yet until recently gaming via projector was not seen as a wholly viable, nor reliable option for the serious gamer. 

Times have changed and BenQ is leading the way in the world of fully immersive gaming and the new TH685 is the anathema to the laggy, unresponsive and rigid gaming monitors of the past. But the question remains, how is projection technology about to shake up the gaming market?

Up to 200-inches of game play

One thing gaming projectors cannot be beaten on, is the scale and size of the immersion. Gaming on a 55-inch TV is one thing, but take that up to 80-inch, 100-inch, 120-inch and even 150-inch and beyond… suddenly you’re in a whole new world.

This capacity for a totally immersive experience makes projector gaming a well and truly unrivalled experience. Now consider that the TH685 has the capacity to go up to 200-inches…. giving you 25 feet of pure unbridled gaming immersion.

Crystal clear sound

Anyone researching gaming projectors will have, at some point, come across the argument that a flaw in gaming projectors is the need for external speakers. Now for most projectors this would be true. But we’re not talking about ‘most projectors.’

The TH685 comes with a built in 5W speaker, which has been fine tuned for gaming. Sounds are acutely accentuated and perfectly balanced to provide a perfect mix of treble, mids and bass; allowing gamers to enjoy the high-quality soundtrack from their games of choice. 

But it doesn’t stop there. The TH685’s design features an aluminium driver diaphragm which gives crisp and pure vocals and delicate details in the higher frequencies. Also, heat-resistant neodymium magnets ensure long lasting sound quality, without distortion.

Zero lagging behind

Lag is a player’s worst enemy, especially for online gaming, as it turns an enjoyable experience into one missed shots, glitchy enemies and utmost frustration. But the TH685 breaks right out of this mould.

With a 8ms response time at a 120Hz refresh rate it achieves buttery smooth gameplay, and is the perfect model for the casual, or even the most competitive gamer. Gamers can compete without the fear of lag hampering their performance and indeed the quality of the game itself. 

Now during these times of lockdown and isolation, group gaming has never been more popular. Allowing individuals to gather and enjoy their most loved past-times, as well as connect with friends and family across the globe.

When gaming online, you need to be able to keep up with your friends as much as your foes and laggy performance shouldn’t be a concern when you’re storming the enemy with your clan in CoD, or join the survival of the fittest in Fortnight. 

Visual brilliance

When it comes to production value, video games these days are on a par with modern blockbusters. Games such as The Witcher, Elder Scrolls or Bloodborne are beautifully crafted works of art and popular FPS games; such as Call of Duty and Battlefield now offer levels of detail, the likes of which have never been seen before.

To fully enjoy and immerse themselves into these worlds players want the best possible picture quality. Which the BenQ TH685 offers in droves.

Hyper realistic HDR makes every detail pop in pure 1080p and the model’s ‘game mode’ fine tunes images; enhancing dark scenes with greater clarity and precision while also maintaining crisp and balanced highlights and midtones.

Game in broad daylight

The TH685 comes equipped with a huge 3500+ Ansi Lumen brightness, which means you don’t have to worry about lighting. Gone are the days of hitting the lights and drawing the curtains just to be able to play, the TH685 allows you to game in any light, without hindering your gameplay. 

Considering your screen technology

Considering your screen technology is no easy task, so considering your home environments, technical specification and how much free time you really have to lose yourself in your latest quest, are all top priorities. 

As we all spending more time at home, projection technology is majorly on the rise and the BenQ TH685 covers all aspects of gaming functions, while doubling up as a TV screen and interactive entertainment device. Get ready to shake up your gaming experience.

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