UK lags behind when it comes to using the cloud

Budding British photographers are failing to back up their pictures on the cloud. An international survey commissioned by European email provider GMX found that 82 per cent of UK internet users are yet to use the cloud to back up their pictures. Instead Brits tend to use their mobile devices to store photos, despite mobile storage problems affecting a third of all users and one in four of those surveyed admitting that they have accidently deleted photos in the past.

The survey by Opinion Matters found that the UK is lagging far behind in its uptake of using the cloud for backing up photos, with only 18.4 per cent of Brits using the cloud. In Spain, 47.2 per cent of respondents already use the cloud to store their digital photos, which is the highest result of all surveyed countries. Second are the Americans, with 42.5 per cent, followed by Germany (33.9 per cent) and France (29 per cent) respectively.

The survey also found that 19.9 per cent of the British respondents lose track of where they saved all these pictures. Storage problems, which one third (33.1 per cent) of the British users face, is another issue. Of the UK respondents, 14.1 per cent feel overstrained by their digital photos, which may be a contributing factor as to why 13 per cent of the Britons do not take digital photos at all – by far the highest number in the country comparison.

Brits also bemoaned storage space on mobile devices, with nearly half of the British respondents keeping their pictures in the mobile phone memory, which leads to many running into storage problems. “The survey shows that the two major challenges for online users are losing digital data and finding a safe and secure storage place for it. Cloud services offer an easy solution to store, backup and organize personal data, especially photos and videos, and make them available from everywhere. It’s important to choose the right provider that ensures privacy”, says GMX CEO Jan Oetjen.

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