Microsoft looks to AI to fight malware

Microsoft is heading into uncharted territory in its next big security update: artificial intelligence.

In a blog post, Microsoft said that the upcoming Creators Update will give Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection a boost by using the company’s cloud-based services to create an AI anti-virus to make it more effective at tackling cyberattacks.

A big feature of the AI will be to instantly pick up on any previouisly unknown malware on the computer. Microsoft will then be able to isolate the malware in the cloud and create a signature for its identity so that other users can be protected. This could completely shake up the way that companies – certainly Microsoft – deal with cyberattacks. At the moment, resarchers have to spend lots of time creating security measures to deal with issues that will already be spreading. 

The only drawback at this stage is that the new ATP security features will only be available to enterprise customers, though CNET reports that Microsoft will eventually introduce them to consumer grade systems. 

With Microsoft making this step to innovate with automated procedures it would not be a surprise to see other security vendors following suit as cyber attacks grow more varied and widespread. 

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