PCR’s guide to IoT products

From heart monitors to fitness watches, smart devices are providing us with unprecedented levels of data. PCR rounds up what is out there to help consumers keep track of their increasingly self-conscious actions.

Dog Tracker Nano Gold Edition

Distributor: Westcoast

Dog Tracker Nano will show you where your dog is with maps. The Gold edition comes with Black Dog Tracker Nano, two year subscription, two year roaming SIM upgrade, two year speed track upgrade and security collar.

Specs: Ruggedised plastic, up to 25mm wide, compatible with iOS8 and above / Android 4.0 and above, waterproof

SRP: £386.00

Dog Tracker Nano Silver Edition

Distributor: Westcoast 

Dog Tracker Nano will show you where your dog is with live maps on your mobile. Made with ruggedised plastic, the silver edition comes with Black Dog Tracker Nano, one year subscription and one year roaming SIM upgrade.

Specs: Ruggedised plastic, up to 25mm wide, compatible with iOS8 and above / Android 4.0 and above, waterproof

SRP: £195.00

Fitbit Charge 2 

Distributor: CMS, Thames Distribution

Track heart rate continuously on your wrist to maximize workouts, better track calorie burn and get a clearer picture of your health. The Charge 2 tracks steps, sends active reminders throughout the day and automatically tracks sleep

Specs: 14cm-17cm strap length, waterproof, splash proof, GPS able 

SRP: £119.99 

Fitbit Blaze 

Distributor: EET Europarts , CMS Distribution 

Connect Fitbit Blaze with GPS on your phone to map your routes and see run stats like speed and distance on the display. Fitbit Blaze uses SmartTrack to automatically recognise and record exercises for you. 

Specs: Accelerometer, active minutes tracker, calorie counter, pedometer, heart-rate monitor, alarm clock

SRP: £229.00 

Skagen Hagen

Distributor: Thames Distributors 

The Hagen Connected hybrid smartwatch connects to Android or iPhone. Via the SKAGEN app, the watch automatically updates to the correct time and date and sends you discreet notifications. 

Specs: Activity Tracker, sleep monitor, Bluetooth enabled, compatible with iOS8+ and Android 4.4+

SRP: £185.00

Jarv Wireless Heart Rate Monitor 

Distributor: EET Europarts 

Wireless heart rate monitor fully compatible with both Android and iOS. Chest strap is waterproof and has a comfortable fit that tracks heart rate, distance and pace. Compatible with Google Play and App Store fitness apps. 

Specs: Compatible with android fitness apps using BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) Technology

SRP: £25.00

Wahoo TICKR Heart Rate Monitor

Distributor: Thames Distributors 

The Wahoo TICKR Heart Rate Monitor uses dual band technology (Bluetooth/ANT+) to connect to your smartphone so you can track your heart rate, calories burned, time plus distance and pace throughout your workouts.

Specs: Bluetooth 4.0 and ANT+ compatibility, compatible with iPhone 4S and later, and select Android devices

SRP: £39.99

Huawei Watch

Distributor: EET Europarts

Compatible on Android and IOS, the Huawei Watch is powered by Android Wear. On-screen and voice technology updates social media notifications as well as tracking fitness regimes and measuring heart rate. 

Specs: 42 mm diameter, Hear Rate monitor, motion sensor, 316L cold-forged stainless steel face 

SRP: £229.00 

Prodigio Connected Nespresso machine

Distributor: DirekTek

Your phone can now make a perfect coffee. The first Bluetooth connected Nespresso machine and its app, offer additional benefits such as capsule stock management, schedule brew and machine assistance & care.

Specs:  Bluetooth ready, iOS and Android compatible 

SRP: £169.99 

SONOS: PLAY:5 smart speaker

Distributor: Exertis 

Sonos’ updated Play:5 adds touch controls and Trueplay to the flagship speaker. Trueplay fine tunes the sound of the speaker to any room. The Play:5 also packs two microphones for voice activation. 

Specs: Six Class-D amplifiers with six dedicated speaker drivers, two microphones

SRP: £499.00 

Roost: smart battery for smoke alarms

Distributor: Exertis 

Roost is the affordable approach to connecting your smoke alarm. The Roost smart battery can connect any smoke alarm to send notifications to smart devices when there is an emergency or when the battery is low.

Specs: Five-year battery life, Wi-Fi enabled 

SRP: £60.00

Withings blood pressure monitor

Distributor: TechData

Simply slip on the cuff, turn on the Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor and the Health Mate app will automatically launch. Following a brief set of instructions, you are ready to take your blood pressure.

Specs: Health Mate app stores all BP readings, syncs with the Withings Health Cloud

SRP: £140.00 

Tagg Plus pet tracker collar

Distributor: Exertis 

An all-in-one GPS location and activity tracker for dogs and cats, the Tagg Plus pet tracker collar combines GPS, cellular and Wi-Fi technology to give you the most comprehensive and accurate tracking nationwide.

Specs: GPS enabled, cellular tracking, Wi-Fi ready 

SRP: £85.99 

Flip 2 wearable for kids

Distributor: Thames Distribution 

Wearable phone and locator for kids. Parents can call, text and locate their child right from their phone, giving kids the freedom to be kids and parents a little extra peace of mind.

Specs: GPS, GSM, and WiFi tracking enabled, call and SMS capable

SRP: £169.99 

Flic smart button

Distributor: CMS Distribution

Flic is a simple and stylish wireless button that acts as a shortcut to your favorite actions on your phone. With one Flic, you can call a cab, text your loved ones of your location, or just turn the lights on.

Specs: 0.2 ounces, 1.1 x 1.1 x 0.3 inches, five-year CR2 battery life

SRP: £29.99

Mimo smart baby sleep tracker

Distributor: Thames Distributors 

Mimo uses proprietary sensor technology to keep parents updated throughout the night to changes in their baby’s activity. It can even be connected to multiple caregivers smartphones at once. 

Specs: Ultra low-power Bluetooth Low Energy, compatible with Nest products 

SRP: £199.99 


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