Modders go after esports with ‘tornament legal’ controllers

Evil Controller has revamped a pair of gamepads designed with eSports fans in mind. The modding company has added new buttons to its new Evil Shift controllers, in keeping with its previous redesigns. 

The big change for the Evil Shift controllers is in the software. Unlike other Evil Controller models, the latest controllers will not feature software macros. This means that users will not be able to program one button to carry out a series of commands. Instead, users will be able to remap the controllers – and its extra buttons – as they see fit (so long as each button only serves a single function).

What this means is that Evil Shift controllers will be ‘tournament legal’ so that eSports players can use them in tournament play. Other Evil Controller products were deemed illegal for official eSports tournaments due to them giving users an unfair advantage over their opponents.

So instead of using clever software tricks, Evil Controller has focussed on ramping up the hardware side of its gamepads. The new controllers feature four large programmable buttons on the rear of the controllers, designed to be used for your middle and ring fingers to use. The front buttons have been given more of a click to them and three different sized thumbsticks are available.

Sounds great, right? Well it should be, but it will cost eSport fanatics a fair amount. Expected to retail between $165 and $250 the Evil Shift controller is considerably more than the standard gamepads which retail from between £40-£50.

The Evil Shift controllers are likely to directly challenge similar products such as Razer’s Wilcat and Raiju’s range of controllers which offer similar functionality. Microsoft’s own Xbox One Elite controllers also now come with buttons strapped on to the back of the controller.

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