The rise of A.I. will create as many jobs as it displaces

The rise of automated intelligent devices and machine-learning will create as many jobs as it displaces. That is according to Aaron Levie, the co-founder and CEO of Box. After reporting that his software company had recorded better than expected figures, Levie went on to discuss the future of A.I as he saw it.

Discussing many analysts fears that A.I will lead towards ‘the end of work’, as we know it, Levie was positive about the future job market. "It’s a big question in general," he said. "As it relates to our products, specifically, we don’t get it as much. In general I’m an extreme optimist around A.I.

"The things that go away, from a job standpoint, we are going to have a commensurate, or more substantial, development of things that come after that, with A.I. There is going to be a great deal more opportunity. Right now, people see more of what goes away with A.I., and fewer of the things that it creates in the way of new opportunities. But, whether it’s healthcare or banking and financial services, there are so many growth areas where products and services will be delivered more efficiently, which will create brand new opportunities."

The threat that automation will eliminate a vast amount of jobs is very likely. However, as Levie says, it is just as likely to create a new wave of jobs in its place, many of which do not exist today.

In Accenture’s global study of more than 1,000 large companies that already uses A.I and machine-learning systems, the emergence of an entirely new jobs has already begun. Labelled as ‘trainers, explainers and sustainers’, the jobs all revolve around assisting the technology to carry out tasks formerly undertaken by a human workforce.

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