AMD Ryzen processor lineup leaked

A Chinese site has published full specs what it claims is the full lineup of AMD’s Ryzen processors. The site claims that AMD will be releasing 17 Ryzen CPUs in three-subdivisions: the high-end R7 range, the mid-spec R5 range, and the entry level R3. Ryzen CPUs will, according to the report, vary from 8C/16T down to 4C/4T chips, with varying clock speeds and other features for product range differentiation. 

The R7 range are all 8C/16T CPUs, and look to be competitive with the likes of the Intel Core i7-6900K and i7-7700K. These CPUs will havbe clock speeds raging from 3GHz to 3.6GHz out of the box. It’s also worth being aware that there are some chips which have an X-suffix, some with a ‘PRO’ denomination, and others with nothing at all, though there’s nothing really distinguishing them at this point.

The R5 range is the biggest with 8 CPUs split between 6C/12T and 4C/8T parts. Both of the variants have clock speeds that vary between 3.2GHz and 3.5GHz. The Chinese source compared these to Intel’s new Kaby Lake Core i5 processor range. 

Looking down to the bottom of the range, there are only four Ryzen R3 processors, all rocking 4C/4T chips. Even at this apparent entry level, the table shows ‘X’ and ‘PRO’ options. These processors range from 3.1 to 3.4GHz, according to the source.

Some of those 17 CPUs will launch early next month, according to AMD president and CEO Dr Lisa Su. We should find out in the coming weeks how competitively these chips are priced, but as ever we advise that you put this ‘leaked’ spec table firmly in the rumour territory as unconfirmed.

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