Microsoft introduces Windows 10 Creators Update

Microsoft plans on launching the Windows 10 Creators Update, a privacy dashboard that will let users have more control over their digital footprint. This comes after growing concerns amongst consumers that the Windows 10 OS collects browsing data by default, and does little to protect their personal details from being obtained.

The update will let users adjust settings for their Bing browsing history, location and restrict any sensitive data requested by Cortana Notebook and Microsoft Health. Edge, Microsoft’s Windows 10 compatible web browser will also block any suspicious flash content.

Customers will be able to access the new privacy dashboard online. This will give them control of their privacy settings remotely, bringing ease-of-use to the forefront of this update.

 Terry Myerson, executive vice president of Windows and devices addressed Microsoft’s response to privacy concerns in a blog post – it appears the technology company is not leaving anything to chance: “We heard that you want better ways to be able to see and manage activity data collected by Microsoft services. Today, we’re taking a step forward in supporting our privacy principle of transparency with the introduction of a new Microsoft privacy dashboard on the web that lets you easily see and manage your activity data.”

Microsoft will also make changes to its basic diagnostics platform and usage data. “How applications are performing and interact, and how that affects things like battery life and system performance, is still extremely important for us to understand in order to provide a quality operating system,” a Microsoft spokesperson said. “Application usage data and other items we removed from basic are now being collected at the full level.”

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