Sophos: A firewall on its own will not protect your business, despite what vendors tell you

Selling security has to adapt with the changing threat profile and the disappearing perimeter.

That’s according to James Vyvyan, RVP UKI at Sophos, who told PCR that selling security is no longer a case of selling a point solution to solve a specific problem.

“Threats are ever increasing both in terms of volume and complexity, utilising multiple entry points and taking advantage of the various “silos” into which the security industry has split itself,” explained Vyvyan.

“Unlike the security industry, the bad guys do not pigeon hole themselves into network, endpoint or web.”

Vyvyan warned that companies need to protect and manage every place where a customer’s data resides or can be accessed from.

“Endpoint on its own will not protect a customer, neither will a firewall on its own – despite the NGFW (Next Generation Firewall) vendors telling you otherwise.

“So when it comes to selling, the specialist point product sale is dead,” declared Vyvyan. “Sales people need to understand the wider context that the customer operates within and sell a whole solution that deals with the complex advanced persistent threats of today’s environment.”

PCR also caught up with Sophos’ senior security adviser, Chester Wisniewski, to get his thoughts on the security issues surrounding new technology.

“The introduction of cheap internet connected devices for the home has increased the attack surface of the average home or small business dramatically,” said Wisniewski.

It remains to be seen what the impact of wearables will have on privacy, but the information transmitted to and from these devices is fairly innocuous, depending how you feel about someone sniffing your heart rate or the number of steps you have taken today.

He concluded: “Where wearables have a security advantage is that most are integrating with frameworks provided by smartphone OS makers like iOS and Android Wear, which provide some guidelines on securely communicating with the device."

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