AMD releases Crimson driver hotfix after GPU fan speeds get locked at 20%

AMD has released a hotfix for its new Radeon Software Crimson Edition Drivers after reports of a fan speed bug.

AMD’s ‘completely reimagined’ graphics software suite, Radeon Software Crimson Edition, was featured in our latest New Products Roundup.

It has 12 new or enhanced features, up to 20 per cent more graphics performance, adjustability that can nearly double generational energy efficiency, and stability across the full spectrum of AMD graphics products, according to the official press release.

But we’ve now discovered that a number of consumers have taken to Reddit to explain some of the issues they’ve had with the new AMD drivers, with one stating: “So, there is a bug with the new Crimson drivers that AMD released (not beta, final release) that lock your GPU fan speed and because of this, many users have reported playing for extended periods of time with their fans locked to 20%.

“Others, like me, got their GPU burned, in my case it didn’t even reboot the PC, it just crashed the screen graphics (orange bars) and I had to manually turn off the computer. When I opened the case the GPU was so hot I couldn’t even remove it from the PCI-e and had to wait until it was cool enough.

“So now we have no word from AMD so far, and they haven’t pushed a fix for their drivers yet, so it keeps happening to other people.

“I have to admit I’m really sad that I lost my card and my money, because I have no warranty anymore and it seems it’s gone forever, I’m not sure I can trust AMD after this.”

That was posted on Sunday, November 29th, and AMD has since released the following statement:

“We’re aware of isolated reports of low fan states following the installation of Radeon Software ‘Crimson Edition’ on select Radeon GPUs. Our engineering teams have identified and addressed this issue, and we intend to release a hotfix on this coming Monday, November 30th.”

Get AMD’s Crimson driver hotfix here.

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