20 crucial security tips for retailers, resellers and businesses of all sizes

We asked all of the security experts that took part our State of Security feature to give us their top tips for business security.

So whether you’re looking to increase your own security, or wanting to better understand the main issues businesses face so you can answer customer questions more efficiently, check out these 20 important tips:

1. Know where your sensitive data resides, take time to discover how it is coming in to your organisation and where is it going.

2. Decide who in your business needs access to sensitive data.

3. Practice data-centric security. Protect data by encrypting it as it comes in to your systems.

4. Become aware of all potential security threats ranging from network security to attack vectors, employee ignorance and mobile security.

5. Shift your emphasis from protection and prevention strategies to detection and remediation.

6. Have a breach response plan and test it regularly.

7. Stop focusing on a physical perimeter and start focusing on data assets that need protection.

8. Communicate the due diligence early and often. Being publicly vigilant about your security measures will go a long way for customer trust.

9. Eliminate global access. When sensitive data is in folders available to every person at the company, the risk of a breach is very high.

10. Create a shared folder with fake sensitive files, open to the entire firm and observe what happens. This is a fantastic way to discover possible threats.

11. Get rid of excessive permissions and group memberships.

12. Look for innovative ways to improve your security, rather than just doing ‘more of the same’ stuff.

14. Take the necessary steps for digital cover and insurance.

15. As more consumers engage with retailers through multiple channels, merchants should try to gain access to global fraud intelligence that can help them interpret and respond to fast changing patterns of fraud.

16. Take stock of the smart devices already deployed in your business and audit their security.

17. Take your users out of the equation. In an age of self- driving cars and domestic robots, there is no need to rely on users to ensure the security of your data.

18. Employ a combination of fraud rules and analytics to add speed and sophistication to fraud detection.

19. Create a true omni-channel environment for payments and fraud management within your business.

20. Assume that the worst can and will happen.

Read more about how evolving threats are changing the way resellers and retailers are selling security, and what security experts such as Norton, BullGuard, HP Security Voltage, F-Secure and more have to say about future threats in our in-depth State of Security feature.

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