How we?ll double our EMEA business

IT Channel Expert sat down with Ipswitch’s senior VP for EMEA Operations, Michael Hack, to find out about the benefits of the firm’s channel programme and how it plans to double its EMEA business over the next 36 months.

What services does Ipswitch offer?

Ipswitch helps solve complex IT problems with simple solutions. We provide software to monitor networks, applications and servers with the product WhatsUp Gold. Ipswitch also offers the ability to securely transfer files between systems, business partners and customers with its MOVEit solution.

Tell us about your role at the company

I oversee all business across EMEA. This includes initiating on the ground resources and directing the efforts of channel teams to support partners in their sales and solution delivery activities. My role also involves working to drive further expansion of the strategic partner network and continued growth across EMEA.

What are the benefits of third party services to businesses?

As a product company, we focus on world-class technology solutions and with that we’re able to cater for a huge amount of customers. To be able to focus on the best end user experience we need to somehow “standardise” those solutions – acknowledging that every customer is different – that’s where third party services come into play. Those third party services help us the deliver the best possible solution for our clients (like implementation, business consulting etc). In addition to the solutions which we offer, we also create a lot of insights into company processes. These are carried out with the help of third party services (like health checks etc) to optimise other processes.

What are some of your latest offerings and how do they benefit partners?

The channel programme that Ipswitch offers is split into three tiers: Gold, Silver and Authorised. These include benefits and discounts across the product lines.

We also offer a deal registration programme. If a partner is certified and is working in a new business opportunity that they have created, we will grant them an additional five percent discount, and if it’s over a certain amount or has multiple products over the different lines, it will give them an additional discount on top of that. There is also an optional self-service learning management system where partners can access additional sales and technical courses.

What’s coming up in the future for Ipswitch?

Ipswitch is looking to double its EMEA business over the next 36 months and to heavily to expand and enable channel partners in the process. We have recently announced added rewards for new reseller recruitment and for new license sales and renewal/maintenance sales. We believe that this will accelerate, generating enhanced benefits and opportunities for our partners across the region.

As a company it’s very important for us to have both a strong and direct touch with our customers and partners. Therefore, we are currently investing in having more regional coverage.

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